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class HttpException(Exception):
Class for representing http errors. Contains the response.
def __init__(self, msg, res):
super(Exception, self).__init__(msg)
self.response = res
def status_code(self):
return self.response.status_code
def headers(self):
return self.response.headers
def content(self):
return self.response.content
# 204
class EmptyResponseWarning(HttpException): pass
# 4xx codes
class ClientRequestException(HttpException): pass
# class Unauthorised(ClientRequestException): pass
# class AccessForbidden(ClientRequestException): pass
# class ResourceNotFound(ClientRequestException): pass
# class ContentNotAcceptable(ClientRequestException): pass
# 5xx codes
class ServerException(HttpException): pass
# class ServiceUnavailable(ServerException): pass
# class StorageCapacityError(ServerException): pass
# class BandwidthExceeded(ServerException): pass
# 405 and 501 - still just means the client has to change their request
# class UnsupportedRequest(ClientRequestException, ServerException): pass
# 3xx codes
class RedirectionException(HttpException): pass
class NotLoggedInException(Exception): pass
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