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Unable to access the connection method of Bigcommerce::Api class #27

anitabharambe opened this Issue Nov 22, 2012 · 2 comments

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I am using the bigcommerce-api-ruby for accessing the Bigcommerce API, I am able to create bigcommerce api object also able to access the methods provided by it.
But some how I am not able to access the connection method to check whether the configurations are correct or not.
I am creating the api object using the following method

bigcommerce ={ :store_url => "XXXXXXXXX", :username => "admin", :api_key => "XXXXX" })

bigcommerce.connection gives me,
NoMethodError: undefined method `connection' for #BigCommerce::Api:0xd5d04f0

Any help will be appreciated.

maetl commented Apr 2, 2013

Hi there... you should now be able to access the connection from the main API object as follows:


I can confirm this works.

@maetl maetl closed this Jul 16, 2013
@pedelman pedelman added the v0.x label Mar 23, 2015
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