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Get and create images for a specific product #42

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Sebastian Szturo Mark Rickerby
Sebastian Szturo

Added 2 methods to get and create images for a specific product.

GET /products/id/images.json
POST /products/id/images.json

The problem is the naming of the method "get_product_images" and "create_product_images" aren't quite right because all product resources are named plural. But I don't really know how to name them.

This should be added for every product specific resource like videos or discount rules.

Mark Rickerby

Those methods are named correctly—it should be plural for a collection resource (ie: /products), and singular for an entity resource (ie: /products/1).

Mark Rickerby maetl merged commit 3bd68d0 into from
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  1. +8 −0 lib/bigcommerce/api.rb
8 lib/bigcommerce/api.rb
@@ -281,6 +281,14 @@ def get_products_customfield(product_id, custom_field_id)
@connection.get("/products/#{product_id}/customfields/#{custom_field_id}", {})
+ def get_product_images(product_id, options={})
+ @connection.get("/products/#{product_id}/images", options)
+ end
+ def create_product_images(product_id, options={})
+"/products/#{product_id}/images", options)
+ end
def get_products_images(options={})
@connection.get("/products/images", options)
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