Small application framework. Solves the domain problem of building web applications.
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npm install big -g

Starting Built-in Apps

big website
big load-balancer
big sink
big repl


To enable debugging in big you must set the environment variable DEBUG. There are two levels of debugging you'll want to inspect.

export DEBUG=big::*,resource::*

This will enable debugging messages for all resources and big itself.

Discovery and Event Emitter Mesh

All big apps automatically create or join a new event emitter mesh when started. Each app is able to communicate to each other through the big.mesh.emitter Event Emitter API.

Default discovery settings use localhost for all apps. Custom host and port options can be passed into big.start

Websocket gateway

If big is in server mode, a WebSocket gateway will be opened for incoming communication. This can be visited directly in the browser or connected to with the mesh resource.

Authorization examples are available here

Apps built with big


Minimal express based website application with built-in support for routes, sessions, static file-serving, etc.

Ideal for quickly serving up static content or quickly adding custom http route logic.


Minimal http-proxy based HTTP load balancing for multiple websites. Will automatically add website apps to it's proxy table apps based on domain, host, and port.

Ideal for routing incoming HTTP traffic to many websites. The website app will register itself automatically with the load-balancer.


Event sink ( dump ) for big.mesh.emitter. The sink will capture any event emitted on the mesh network and write the event to STDOUT.

Ideal for aggregating all events on the mesh to standard output ( such as a log file ).


Simple interactive repl for communicating with the mesh network.

Ideal for debugging or communicating with nodes via big.mesh.emitter


Browser based Voice Recognition Gateway for communicating with the mesh network.

Ideal for triggering mesh events with voice commands.