Awesome list of applications that extend Big Data Genomics ADAM. CC0 licensed.
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Awesome ADAM


Awesome list of applications that extend the Big Data Genomics ADAM genomics analysis platform.

Table of Contents

Extending ADAM


  • Avocado - Avocado is a distributed variant caller built on top of ADAM for germline and somatic calling.
  • Cannoli - ADAM Pipe API wrappers for bioinformatics tools, (e.g., BWA, bowtie2, FreeBayes)
  • DECA - DECA is a reimplementation of the XHMM copy number variant caller on top of ADAM.
  • Gnocchi - Gnocchi provides primitives for running GWAS/eQTL tests on large genotype/phenotype datasets using ADAM.
  • Lime - Lime provides a parallel implementation of genomic set theoretic primitives using the ADAM region join API.
  • Mango - Mango is a library for visualizing large scale genomics data with interactive latencies.