A scalable genome browser. Apache 2 licensed.
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A scalable genome browser built on top of the ADAM genomics processing engine. Apache 2 licensed.

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mango visualizes reads, variants, and features using Pileup.js.

mango uses IntervalRDDs to perform fast indexed lookups on interval-keyed data.




Mango documentation is hosted at readthedocs.

Getting Started


You will need to have Maven installed in order to build mango.

Note: The default configuration is for Hadoop 2.7.3. If building against a different version of Hadoop, please edit the build configuration in the <properties> section of the pom.xml file.

$ git clone https://github.com/bigdatagenomics/mango.git
$ cd mango
$ mvn clean package -DskipTests

Running mango browser

mango is packaged via appassembler and includes all necessary dependencies.

Running an example script:

From the main folder of mango, run ./example-files/run-example.sh to see a demonstration of chromosome 17, region 7500000-7515000.

For help launching the script, run bin/mango-submit -h

$ bin/mango-submit -h
Using SPARK_SUBMIT=/Applications/spark-1.6.1-bin-hadoop2.4/bin/spark-submit
 reference                                                       : The reference file to view, required
 -cacheSize N                                                    : Bp to cache on driver.
 -coverage VAL                                                   : A list of coverage files to view, separated by commas (,)
 -discover                                                       : This turns on discovery mode on start up.
 -features VAL                                                   : The feature files to view, separated by commas (,)
 -genes VAL                                                      : Gene URL.
 -h (-help, --help, -?)                                          : Print help
 -parquet_block_size N                                           : Parquet block size (default = 128mb)
 -parquet_compression_codec [UNCOMPRESSED | SNAPPY | GZIP | LZO] : Parquet compression codec
 -parquet_disable_dictionary                                     : Disable dictionary encoding
 -parquet_logging_level VAL                                      : Parquet logging level (default = severe)
 -parquet_page_size N                                            : Parquet page size (default = 1mb)
 -port N                                                         : The port to bind to for visualization. The default is 8080.
 -prefetchSize N                                                 : Bp to prefetch in executors.
 -preload VAL                                                    : Chromosomes to prefetch, separated by commas (,).
 -print_metrics                                                  : Print metrics to the log on completion
 -reads VAL                                                      : A list of reads files to view, separated by commas (,)
 -show_genotypes                                                 : Shows genotypes if available in variant files.
 -test                                                           : For debugging purposes.
 -variants VAL                                                   : A list of variants files to view, separated by commas (,). Vcf files require a
                                                                   corresponding tbi index.

Now view the mango genomics browser at localhost:8080 or the port specified:

View the visualization at: 8080
Quit at: /quit

Note that for logging, you must use the /quit url for the log to be produced.

Running mango notebook

Mango can also be run through the notebook form.


In the jupyter UI, navigate to example-files/notebooks to view examples.