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Removed constants from IDL.

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@@ -443,20 +443,6 @@ You can also name the packed fields.
"b16{b3 => type, x6, -b7 => count}"
-### Constants
-You can add any JavaScript scalar value, a `string`, `number`, `boolean` or the
-`null` value to a pattern. THe value will be be emitted by parsers as if it were
-a value parsed from the byte stream. Constant values are ignored serializers.
-By itself, constants is not useful. They are useful when you want to provide
-some indication of the outcome of conditional pattern.
-"b16, 'ABC', b16" // The string 'ABC' between two 16 bit integers.
-"b8z, null, b8z" // A null value between to zero terminated byte strings.
### Conditinal Patterns
**Pending** — Not implemented.

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