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Use this issue to track progress of pre-release development.

Relatable will be read for use with a version 0.2.0 release for developers who are able to keep up with a project in development. When 0.2.0 is released, Relatable will follow the same release pattern as Node.js, with the even number indicating a API frozen maintenance branch, while development continues on the odd number one less than the even number.

That is, when 0.2.0 is release, the 0.2 version branch will be API frozen. Development will continue on 0.1 toward a 0.4.0 release. When 0.4.0 is released, it will be API frozen. The 0.3 branch will become the development branch. We continue in this fashion until a version 1.0.

Prior to the 0.2.0 release, if you decide to adopt the pre-release 0.0 branch, please use NPM and package.json to freeze a version of Relatable that works for you. Follow this issue for updates on changes. Read the change log to know how an update will affect your application.

When 0.2.0 is released semantic versioning takes over. Even numbers are API stable, odd numbers are API playgrounds. At 0.0, however, everything is in flux. Up is down. Left is right. Callbacks are synchronous. Cats like baths. Early adoption is welcome, because it helps build a better library, but please be patient and please be careful.

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