Full-blown timezone aware date math and formatting for JavaScript in 2.7k.
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Timezone Build Status

Format time in JavaScript using the IANA time zone database. (Photo: Sundial by Wolfgang Staudt.)

var tz = require('timezone/loaded'),
    equal = require('assert').equal,

// Get POSIX time in UTC.
utc = tz('2012-01-01');

// Convert UTC time to local time in a localize language.
equal(tz(utc, '%c', 'fr_FR', 'America/Montreal'),
      'sam. 31 déc. 2011 19:00:00 EST');

A full-featured time zone aware date formatter for JavaScript.

  • Timezone is a MicroJS library in pure JavaScript with no dependencies that provides timezone aware date math and date formatting.
  • Timezone uses the IANA Database to determine the correct wall clock time anywhere in the world for any time since the dawn of standardized time.
  • Timezone formats dates with a full implementation of strftime formats, including the GNU date extensions.
  • Timezone represents time in POSIX time and local time using RFC 3999 date strings.
  • Timezone is a full featured standards based time library in pure JavaScript for under 3K minified and gzipped.


$ git clone --quiet https://github.com/bigeasy/timezone.git
$ cd timezone && make && npm install && npm test


The MIT License.