Hilbert curve 2d to 1d mapping in JS.
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N-dimensional Hilbert curve mapping in JS.

Documentation:  http://bigeasy.github.io/xy
Source:         http://github.io/bigeasy/xy
Issues:         http://github.com/bigeasy/xy/issues

Install:        `npm install xy`

License:        MIT


Get the Hilbert index of an N-dimensional point.

var xy = require('xy')

xy.hilbert([15,0]) // <-- "255"
xy.hilbert([1,1,0,1]) // <-- "9"

Get a point given dimension and Hilbert index.

xy.hilbertInverse(2,0) // <-- "[0,0]"
xy.hilbertInverse(3,63) // <-- "[3,0,0]"