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uhook Linux kernel driver : Call kernel function from user space
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uhook Linux kernel driver : Call kernel function from user space

1). What is uhook

uhook(userspace kernel hook) means call kernel function from userspace. That is to say, we can write a function in kernel space and call it in userspace while the kernel Image is running.

2). What we can do with uhook

The most exciting feature of uhook is that we call kernel function in userspace while kernel is running. So,

A. We can using uhook to dump value of kernel argument when some thing goes wrong. Especially when the device driver cannot work correctly, we can dump some device registers to examine what is going on.

B. We can implement some switch in kernel to control if-else branch.

C. Whatever you want kernel do without recompiling kernel, reloading kernel.

3). Compare to /proc or /sys file system

Kernel has some component like /proc and /sys file system to perform the communication between kernel and user space. But they are so complex that we must write some code very time we want to use them. However, with uhook, we just need to insmod the uhook.ko, then call the kernel function whenever and wherever.

4). TODO

A. This version of uhook, support kernel function with no more than 5 arguments,

but the argument can only be vule, address is availiable. test

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