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Sublime Style Column Selection

Enable Sublime style 'Column Selection', allowing you to drag across lines to select a block of text with carets on each line.

Also similar to Textmate's 'Multiple Carets', or BBEdit's 'Block Select'


Hold the modifier key then click and drag with the configured mouse button across multiple lines. Dragging vertically places carets on each line at that column; dragging horizontally as well selects the text on each line.

Default key combinations are:

Platform Modifier Key Mouse Button
Windows Alt Left
OS X Option Left
Linux Shift Left


The modifier key and mouse button can both be configured from the package's settings page. Available options:

Mouse Button

  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right

Key Trigger

  • Shift
  • Alt/Option
  • Ctrl
  • None

To use middle mouse selection working since version 1.4.0 please use the following settings.