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type: bundle

On HPUX platforms, a bundle object is derived from a product type and used to inspect software installations as managed by the Software Depot. On Macintosh platforms, a bundle refers to a core foundation folder hierarchy derived from CFBundle.

bundle version of <bundle> : version

Returns the version of the bundle corresponding to the CFBundleVersion string, as distinct from the CFBundleShortVersionString.

creator of <bundle> : file signature

The creator 4-letter code of the bundle (for example, FNDR for Finder).

global dictionary of <bundle> : dictionary

The bundle's information dictionary.

local dictionary of <bundle> : dictionary

The bundle's localized information dictionary.

product of <bundle> : product

Returns the product and/or products contained in the bundle.

type of <bundle> : file type

Returns the file type of the bundle. Can be used only to compare equality between file types.

version of <bundle> : version

Version of the given bundle.

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