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type: service

The <service> inspectors provide access to all services configured on Windows NT, 2K and XP systems. On a non-Windows system, expressions using these objects will fail gracefully instead of generating an error.

can interact with desktop of <service> : boolean

Indicates the system is configured to allow the service to interact with the desktop.

checkpoint of <service> : integer

Service specific value indicating its checkpoint state.

display name of <service> : string

Returns the display name of the service.

driver type of <service> : boolean

Returns True if the specified service is a driver type.

file of <service> : file

Returns a file object corresponding to the specified <service>.

image path of <service> : string

Returns the full path to the service executable.

login account of <service> : string

Returns the login account under which the service is configured to run.

pid of <service> : integer

No documentation exists.

runlevel of <service> : string

Returns the list of runlevels for which the service is active.

Note: On RedHat 7, this also lists the targets of systemd services.

{% qna %} Q: (it as string, runlevels of it) of services whose (it as string contains "ssh") A: "sshd.service" "sshd" "Stopped", {% endqna %}

running of <service> : boolean

No documentation exists.

security descriptor of <service> : security descriptor

This Windows-specific inspector returns a security descriptor for the specified service.

service name of <service> : string

Returns the name of the service.

service specific exit code of <service> : integer

Service specific exit code.

start type of <service> : string

Returns a string that represents the service startup configuration. It describes when the driver is loaded, which can be one of👢 started by OS loader (usually these are needed to launch the OS).system: started during OS initialization (used by PnP drivers that do device detection after the loader is finished).auto: started by the Service Control Manager (SCM).demand: started on demand, either by PnP manager when a device is enumerated or by the SCM in response to user demand.disabled: can't be started (used to temporarily disable driver services).

state of <service> : string

Returns one of Continuing, Pausing, Paused, Running, Starting, Stopping, Stopped, Unknown.

version of <service> : version

This inspector takes the specified service property and retrieves its version (file version).

win32 exit code of <service> : integer

Service specific Win32 exit code.

win32 type of <service> : boolean

Returns True if the specified service is a Win32 type.

<service> as string : string

Returns a string containing the Service name, Display name, and State of the service.

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