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Inspired by GoGaRuCo, I just took a shot at rewriting the API. The basic concept is
to clarify the lifecycle of a widget, so "new" accepts permanent state (like "assigns"
variables) and "to_s" accepts temporary, rendering state (output stream, helpers,
prettyprinting). This lets you do things like make collections of widgets in once place
in your code and render them in another place, and basically establish a more coherent
API than the 8 different ways I've seen people doing nested widgets (or, more likely,
avoiding nesting them cause it's too confusing.)
I also renamed "render" to "write", which removes confusion/ambiguity
with Rails' "render" method and concept, and also allows "render :partial" to be made
to work (though I haven't done that yet). Separating the two types of state also allowed
me to unify a few concepts and remove some code, especially around prettyprinting.
(I also fixed a couple of bugs along the way.)
When we're outside a widget, the pattern is:
w = =>, :title => "Nap Time") # assigns
puts w.to_s(:helpers => some_rails_view)
When we're inside a widget we have a few more options. All of these ways inherit
the rendering state from the parent widget if possible (like output, helpers, and
indent level) and emit text onto the same stream for better performance.
w = =>, :title => "Nap Time")
widget DateWidget, :when =>, :title => "Nap Time"
w = =>, :title => "Nap Time")
widget w
widget =>, :title => "Nap Time")
((3) and (3b) are the same but I thought I'd show how it looks when you inline it.)
So what does everyone think? I think it might be too much to support both "widget"
and "write_via", but since one actually calls the other under the hood, it's not
too big a commitment to keep them both around in the public API. I'm not in love with
the new names, either; other possibilites are "emit" instead of render and ""
I've done these in a fork on GitHub (my first!). Please check it out and tell me what you think.
Once we agree that it's a righteous change, I figure we will carefully pull it into
the main repo and increment the minor version number and make a good HOWTO so people
aren't taken off guard when their code breaks. I've put in what I hope are good
deprecation warnings too (that actually give suggestions and say which class
needs to be fixed).
Brian, I got the Rails stuff working for 2.3.2 but I'll need your help getting it
into the various Rails branches. And I don't really understand the plan for render_partial.
Shouldn't calling render_partial on a widget just call render (now "write") on that widget?
Why do we need/want a separate method called render_partial on the widget?
Widget#inspect just calls to_s. Is this useful? Do we want some other debugging info to appear instead?
Widget#join -- is anyone using this? Also the rdoc says it works on "strings, which are quoted and output"
-- but this is not really true, right? They're not quoted, just html-escaped like any text.
Widget#after_initialize -- is anyone using this feature? It's not tested.