Application and engine (hopefully)
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Application and engine (hopefully)


I want to share the tools that I use to create applications with the world, and with my students, in the name of improvement. Starting an application is another perfect example of something where you do not need to understand everything before you run it for the first time. As students and newcomers become more familiar with the landscape, they can assess the choices here and decide whether or not they are right for them.

It also might serve as a helpful referendum and statement about software erosion.


The basic application can be created with this command:

rails new YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE \

An application that includes a reasonable devise install can be installed this way:

rails new YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE \

If you have used the template more than once, you may want to put the application on a different port. You can do so in the command with one that prepends PORT=5001 like this:

PORT=5001 rails new YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE

You will need to hit 'y' once, as I've specified some additions to a file that Rails has opinions on.

Start it up!

bundle exec foreman start


Unicorn, foreman, and postgres are used to get you started on the web server side.

Rspec and factory girl are used for testing.