The Hadoop Fair Sojourn Protocol Scheduler
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Hadoop Fair Sojourn Protocol (HFSP)

The Hadoop Fair Sojourn Protocol Scheduler is a size-based scheduler for Hadoop.

Compile HFSP

In order to compile HFSP you need Maven. From the top directory issue the following command:

$ mvn package -DskipTests

This will create two files in the directory /target:

  • hfsp-scheduler-1.0.jar: a jar file containing the scheduler
  • hfsp-scheduler.xml: a default configuration file


Copy hfsp-scheduler-1.0.jar in your Hadoop directory. Optionally, add the configuration file for HFSP in the hadoop configuration directory.

Set HFSP as task scheduler in conf/mapred-site.xml:


Hadoop versions

HFSP has been developed for the current stable version of Hadoop 1.x, that is Hadoop 1.1.2.



The HFSP project is partially funded by the BigFoot project and the mPlane project