This project deals with the implementation of k-means for multi-dimensional clustering.
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Spark Kmeans for Spam

Implementation of Kmeans algorithm on Spark system for clustering spam emails

Getting Started #


Spark 0.7.0
Spark is an open source cluster computing system that aims to make data analytics fast — both fast to run and fast to write.

sbt 0.11.3
A build tool for Scala and Java projects. It requires Java 1.6 or later.

Scala 2.9.2
Scala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way.


Run with these required parameters:

  • path to SPARK root
  • 0 to only run or 1 to package in jar and run (required to deploy on cluster nodes)
  • spark configuration file (see below for format)
  • parameter file (see below for format)
  • outLabel optional label to add to output folder


./ /user/spark/spark-0.7.0 0 spark.conf parameter.conf kmeansOn1000spams

Configuration files


Parameter Meaning
host master URL passed to Spark
appName name of job
inputfile a path to input json dataset, either a local one on the machine or a hdfs://
evalOutput 1 to evaluate result, 0 otherwise

This is an example:

  "host": "spark://",
	"appName": "SparkKmeans",
	"inputFile": "hdfs://",
	"evalOutput": 1

Note: Master url must be follow these rules Master URL | Meaning ---- | ---- local | Run Spark locally with one worker thread (i.e. no parallelism at all) local[K] | Run Spark locally with K worker threads (ideally, set this to the number of cores on your machine) spark://HOST:PORT | Connect to the given Spark standalone cluster master


Parameter Meaning
mode method for kmeans, choose "PartialSums" or "Standard" (see Overview on algorithm )
initialCentroids number of initial Centroids, a first approximation can be sqrt(inputSize/2)
convergeDist Stopping condition: old and new centroids between iterations don't change more than this value.
maxIter Stopping condition: iterations of the algorithm are limited to this value
numSamplesForMedoid num of Elements in a cluster that will be used to update centroid for the categorical part in the Standard Kmeans (see Overview on algorithm )
weights weights for features, values between 0 and 1. Sum of weights must be 1.

This is an example:

	"mode" : "PartialSums",
	"initialCentroids" : 100,
	"convergeDist" : 0.001,
	"maxIter" : 2,
	"numSamplesForMedoid" : 3,
	"weights" : {
		"space" : 0.20, 
		"time" : 0.20,
		"IP" : 0.20, 
		"uri" : 0.20, 
		"botname" : 0.20 

Output File

The output files are in folder ./out
Each execution has its output folder ./out[outLabel_]dDATE with these following files:

File Content
out result Centroids
DATE.log spark log file of executed job
parameter.conf file with algorithm parameters used to run the program