paper analyzing competitiveness across the four major sports
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A unified approach to understanding randomness in sport

A paper analyzing competitiveness across the four major sports.


To knit the paper:

  1. Use the Compile PDF button in RStudio, or
  2. Select Tools -> Shell... from the menu and execute:

Data wrangling

To re-build the bigfour data:

make bigfour

Note that this operation will look for a set of proprietary data files in a data_raw folder. This folder is not present in this repository due to licensing restrictions. However, our version of the resulting bigfour.rda file is present in the repository. This will enable you to run our simulations using the code below.

To re-do the simulations:

make mcmc

Compile papers

To make the Sloan paper:

# install dependencies for Ubuntu
# sudo apt get install texlive-xetex texlive-math-extra
make sloan2016.pdf

Note that this requires xelatex and the Cambria family of fonts installed.

To make the journal paper:

make aoas2017.pdf