A tiny yet powerful library to deal with navigation and flow in your ActionScript projects


Navigator for ActionScript 3.0

This library was created to take away your pains when it comes to navigating your application between different views or application states. It provides ways to deal with (asynchronous) transitions between states without bugging you with the tedious parts. To sum up of the library's features:

  • Total control over synchronous and asynchronous visual transitions
  • Just-in-Time initalization of view components
  • Instant deeplinking with SWFAddress
  • Support for dynamic range elements and lists, like gallery items
  • Nested states, move complete parts of you application and they still work
  • Flow control through state validation, both synchronous and asynchronous
  • Integration of popular frameworks (PureMVC, RobotLegs), but it's optional
  • History management (courtesy of Laurent)
  • And many more...

Check out the Wiki pages if you want to read some more or if you want to see some examples.

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