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This template is what I use for my programming assignments that have to be handed in along with their output and generated images. It mostly automates the process of compiling the components together into a suitable PDF. It's currently setup for python, though it shouldn't be hard to change, especially to another uncompiled language. A compiled language might want to either move the source files to a subdirectory with its own makefile, or append this one.


  1. Create your python files in the naming scheme of If there is no section, omit that and the last dash
  2. Edit hw.tex, changing the title parameters to fit YOU
  3. For each problem, create a new homeworkProblem section (\begin{homeworkProblem}). The problem number will auto increment for each section.
  4. In that section, if your problem is split into parts, start a named homeworkSection (\begin{homeworkSection}{NAME}). NAME can be any string (I think).
  5. Now, for each problem or section, the following commands are available and very automated:
    • \homeworkPython
      • Includes the python code
    • \homeworkOutput
      • Includes the stdout from running the python
    • \homeworkGraph
      • Include an image with name problem-NUMBER[-SECTION].png. Currently, only one image per section will work automatically.
  6. Add any description or text you like
  7. Run make in the directory. This will generate your PDF as hw.pdf and you'll be good to go!

Other notes

Subsub sections do not work right now. ie, you cannot have 1.a.i yet, without naming a section "a.i".

python is hardcoded at the moment, might want to change that...

This has only been tested on OS X so far. Something might fail elsewhere! Please report if it does and I'll look into it eventually.

##Pull requests welcome!


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