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A simple webapp for sharing a printer
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Simple Print Server

A simple way to host a print webapp for a home or small business. Easier than configuring printers on ever-changing computers and simpler for guests to use too.

How it works

When a file is uploaded, the server calls the configured command on the path of the uploaded file (default command is lpr, which adds the file to the CUPS queue)

That's it. Improvements are in progress, but the core functionality is there now.


At this time, this has only been tested with one printer and on Linux and OS X. I have no idea how it would work on Windows, BSD, etc.

Setting it up

  • Connect a printer to your server of choice
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • ./
  • ./

And we're off to the races! Note that you may need to do one of

  • Edit to pass 'host=' in
  • Do something else to forward the local port

if you want other computers to see the server

Reboot Persistance



Example of running application

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