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The router as part of the biggie framework
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Biggie-router is a high performance, extendable router for use in frameworks and applications. It draws inspiration from several popular open source frameworks and libraries, such as jQuery and Sinatra.


Biggie-router is released under MIT, in hope you find this software useful.

Installing it

The fastest way to get started with biggie-router is to install it via npm.

$ npm install biggie-router

Otherwise git clone, or download the repository and place the contents of the lib directory where needed.


Here are a few basic examples.

Hello world, that listens on port 8080:

var Router = require('biggie-router');
var router = new Router();

router.bind(function (request, response, next) {
  response.sendBody(200, "Hello World!");


Basic routing + chaining. Responds with hello world on root and /index.html get requests.

Requests that fall through (don't match any conditions) get passed to the next route and are sent a 404.

var Router = require('biggie-router');
var router = new Router();

      .bind(function (request, response, next) {
  response.sendBody(200, "Hello World!");

router.bind(function (request, response, next) {
  response.sendBody(404, 'Resource "' + request.url + '" not found.');


Modules are functions that return a function, enabling you to do per-route setup. No modules are supplied with biggie-router, however middleware use the same pattern as connect (or express); so generic connect middleware should also be compatible with biggie. The npm middleware module is also compatible.

Usage is as follows:

var middleware = require('middleware');

router.get('/').bind(middleware.sendfile('public/'));'/users').bind(api('users', 'create'));
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