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trinte command [argument(s)] [option(s)]


-h, --help [name]            output usage information
-V, --version                output the version number
-i, --init <name> [opts]     create new mvc project with <name>
-f, --force                  force on non-empty directory
-s, --server [port]          run the application as a server.
-c, --cluster [port]         run the application using the cluster module.
-g, --generate <generator>   run a generator


--sess                       session store
--auth                       authorization support
--theme <name>               theme (default|black|blue|green|orange|pink|violet) 
--db                         database [driver]:[database]:[port]:[username]:[password]
                             drivers - redis|mongodb|mysql|sqlite3|postgres
                             defaults to memory


controller <name>  [args]    Creates a controller
model      <name>  [args]    Creates a model
view       <name>  [args]    Creates a view
crud       <name>  [args]    Creates a scaffold
rest       <name>  [args]    Creates a rest
test       <name>  [args]    Creates a test
help       [name]            Show help 


# create new mvc project
$ trinte -i Test -sess -auth

# create new mvc project with db
$ trinte -i Test -sess -auth -db mysql:test:3306:root 

# create scaffold
$ trinte -g crud Post active:bool name:string desc:text created:date

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