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How to create Controller via CLI TrinteJS MVC

Table of contents

Command format

  format: trinte -g rest [rest name] [field(s)]

Create a default REST with namespace

$ trinte -g rest v1#Post active:bool title content:text created:date author

Generated files, path like that:

    `-- app
        |-- models 
        |   `-- Post.js
        `-- controllers
            `-- v1
                `-- PostsController.js

Add routes in /config/routes.js


will provide the following routes:

method    route                           controller#action         helper method
GET       /v1/posts.:format?              v1/posts#index            pathTo.v1_posts()
GET       /v1/posts/skip-limit.:format?   v1/posts#index            pathTo.paging_v1_posts(skip, limit)
GET       /v1/posts/:id.:format?          v1/posts#show             pathTo.show_v1_post(post)
POST      /v1/posts.:format?              v1/posts#create           pathTo.create_v1_posts()
DELETE    /v1/posts/:id.:format?          v1/posts#destroy          pathTo.destroy_v1_post(post)
PUT       /v1/posts/:id.:format?          v1/posts#update           pathTo.update_v1_post(post)
DELETE    /v1/posts.:format?              v1/posts#destroyall       pathTo.destroy_v1_posts()

Default response format JSON.

REST requests

Example REST requests:

# Get all posts ordered bi id DESC
GET /v1/posts
# Get all posts ordered bi id DESC in XML format
GET /v1/posts.xml
# Get last 10 posts ordered bi id DESC
GET /v1/posts/1-10
# Get last 10 active posts ordered bi id ASC
GET /v1/posts/1-10?active=1&sort=id
# Get all active posts where title 'MyFirst' ordered bi id ASC
GET /v1/posts?active=1&title=MyFirst&sort=id

Example JSON response:

  "title": "Posts",
  "first_page": 1,
  "curent_page": 1,
  "total_pages": 1,
  "items_per_page": 20,
  "items_total": 0,
  "items_start": 0,
  "items_end": 20,
  "items": [{
       "id" : 1,
       "active" : 1, 
       "title" : "My first Post",
       "content" : "Lorem ipsum"
       "created" : "2014-01-01T19:00:00" 
       "author" : "Aleksej Gordejev"
       "id" : 2,
       "active" : 1, 
       "title" : "My second Post",
       "content" : "Lorem ipsum"
       "created" : "2014-01-01T19:10:00" 
       "author" : "Aleksej Gordejev"

Example XML response:

       <title>My first Post</title>
       <content>Lorem ipsum</content>
       <author>Aleksej Gordejev</author>
       <title>My second Post</title>
       <content>Lorem ipsum</content>
       <author>Aleksej Gordejev</author>

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