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# Gypsy
-A simple model loader for data that has no need to be in a database.
+A simple loader for data that has no need to be in a database.
## Installation
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## Usage
### With Rails
-Add to your Gemfile. Create your simple models. For example in `app/models/posts.rb`:
-``` ruby
-class Post < Gypsy::Base
- attribute :title
- attribute :body
- attribute :tags
+By default Gypsy works by convention. Everyfile in `/app/data` will be loaded
+into a model with the same name as the file. So `posts.json` will load model
+`Post`. Simple.
-Then create the data for it by creating a matching file in `app/data/posts.rb`:
+All data is made available as enumerables on the model they loaded from as the
+class method `rows`. This makes accessing the data very easy:
-``` ruby
-record :post do
- title "A blog post."
- body "Here is a body of a post."
- tags_collection do
- end
+Posts.rows.find{|p| p.is_published}
## Contributing
1. Fork it

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