Ground heat transfer calculation tool
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Kiva is a free and open source ground heat transfer calculation tool written in C++. Specifically, Kiva is used to calculate heat loss and gain on a timestep basis from building foundations. The goal is to create a tool that can integrate the multi-dimensional heat transfer into standard building energy simulation engines.


See the online documentation for information on using Kiva and creating Kiva input files.


Kiva is configured as a cross-platform CMake project. To build Kiva, you'll need to clone the git repository and use CMake (pointing to the kiva root directory).


  1. A C++ compiler (e.g., Clang, GCC, MSVC)
  2. CMake

Building Kiva from source

  1. Clone the git repository, or download and extract the source code (tar.gz or zip).
  2. Make a directory called build inside the top level of your source.
  3. Open a console in the build directory.
  4. Type cmake ...
  5. Type cmake --build . --config Release.
  6. The Kiva executable (kiva or kiva.exe) will appear in your build directory.

If you'd like to contribute to this code or if you have questions, send an email to Neal Kruis (neal.kruis AT bigladdersoftware DOT com).