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JGF - JSON Graph Format npm module
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JGF - JSON Graph Format npm module

A library that provides the following features:

  1. Create JGF in-memory graphs
    1. Add nodes
    2. Add edges
    3. List nodes
    4. List edges
    5. Remove nodes
    6. Remove edges
    7. Lookup nodes by id
    8. Lookup edges by source and target nodes, with optional edge relation
    9. Update node properties and meta data
    10. TODO: Update edge properties and meta data
  2. Save in-memory graphs into a 100% compatible JGF JSON file
  3. Load a JGF JSON file into memory
  4. Validate JGF JSON files, for syntax (JGF schema) and semantics (invalid nodes and edges)
  5. Ability to load and merge partial JGF graph files (a single graph spread over multiple 'partial' graph files)


npm install jay-gee-eff --save


Sample code

const { JGFContainer } = require('jay-gee-eff');
const path = require('path');

const program = async () => {
    console.log('Building the NBA JGF Graph...');
    let container = new JGFContainer(singleGraph = true);
    let graph = container.graph;
    graph.type = 'sports';
    graph.label = 'NBA Demo Graph';

    const node1Id = 'lebron-james#2544';
    const node1Label = 'LeBron James';
    const metadata1 = {
        type: 'NBA Player'

    const node2Id = 'la-lakers#1610616839';
    const node2Label = 'Los Angeles Lakers';
    const metadata2 = {
        type: 'NBA Team'

    const playerContractRelation = 'Plays for';

    console.log('Adding two nodes...');
    graph.addNode(node1Id, node1Label, metadata1);
    graph.addNode(node2Id, node2Label, metadata2);

    console.log('Adding an edge...');
    graph.addEdge(node1Id, node2Id, playerContractRelation);

    const filename = path.join(path.dirname(__filename), 'nba-graph.json');
    console.log(`Saving to file -> ${filename}`);
    await container.saveToFile(filename, prettyPrint = true);

    console.log('Load the saved JGF file');
    let container2 = new JGFContainer();
    await container2.loadFromFile(filename);

    console.log('Graph nodes:');
    for (let node of container2.graph.nodes) {
        console.log(`\t${node.label} {${node.metadata.type}}`);

    console.log('Graph edges:');
    for (let edge of container2.graph.edges) {
        console.log(`\t${edge.source} (->${edge.relation}->) ${}`);

    console.log('-- DONE --');

(async () => {
    await program();

Expected console output

Building the NBA JGF Graph...
Adding two nodes...
Adding an edge...
Saving to file -> /test-jay-gee-eff/demo/nba-graph.json
Load the saved JGF file
loadFromFile, isSingleGraph: true
Graph nodes:
	LeBron James {NBA Player}
	Los Angeles Lakers {NBA Team}
Graph edges:
	lebron-james#2544 (->Plays for->) la-lakers#1610616839    
-- DONE --

The JGF output file (nba-graph.json)

    "graph": {
        "type": "sports",
        "label": "NBA Demo Graph",
        "directed": true,
        "nodes": [{
            "id": "lebron-james#2544",
            "label": "LeBron James",
            "metadata": {
                "type": "NBA Player"
        }, {
            "id": "la-lakers#1610616839",
            "label": "Los Angeles Lakers",
            "metadata": {
                "type": "NBA Team"
        "edges": [{
                "source": "lebron-james#2544",
                "target": "la-lakers#1610616839",
                "relation": "Plays for"


JGF Specification

Test Examples


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