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This is a collaborative overlay, and we try to do our best to keep it clean. BUT it’s more a worker tree so beware there is no guarantee .

Unlike Gentoo portage :

  • We believe that a non-working ebuild is better than no ebuild, since they can be masked and/or harmless.
  • In such in-progress ebuild , we encourage packagers to comment the ebuild exhaustively.
  • We invite contributors to let their credits and contact information in ebuild headers to get in touch with users for bugfixes/improvements/thanks.

Use it!

Add this overlay using layman (app-portage/layman):

layman -a lorelei


This overlay support vpzone developement , see vpzone.org for more details about this projects.


deal with bad manifest

I’d some issue with bad Gentot Manifest due to presence of backup file ( ~ ). If adding a .gitignore file containing
the right regex protects from commit its ( in my case ‘*~’ ), that won’t solve the Manifest thing. Here a tip to add
to your commit scripts :

  1. clean the repository ( git-rm not help here )
    find -iname $(cat .gitignore) -exec rm {} +;
  2. regen Manifest , could be smarter (one digest by directory).
    find -iname "*.ebuild" -exec ebuild {} digest \;


Main documentations about ebuild, portage and overlay


  • textile reference : http://redcloth.org/textile