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BO, a.k.a Bigobject.

"BigObject Analytics is an analytic database. It is designed to help users easily gain actionable insights from their data and build data-driven applications."

"BigObject Analytics delivers an analytic framework that unmask the intelligence out of your data."

How to collaborate with multiple BO nodes?

BOMaster is an example to accumulate and co-work with multiple BO nodes. You’ve to build your code with bo-master.scala. Besides, you may want to change the package name in bo-master.scala to make it be same as your package. This example demonstrates how to concatenate result sets from multiple BO nodes.

How to use?

To work with BO, you can use BOMaster object, it provides a function to issue a SQL statement. Here is the object definition:

object BOMaster extends Logging {

   * Returns accumulated DataFrame from one or more BO nodes
   * @param sc Spark context
   * @param url BO IP/hostname. If there are multiple BO nodes, add comma in between, e.g., “,”
   * @param sqlString SQL statement
   * @param sqlCtx SQL context (optional)
  def sql(
    sc: SparkContext,
    url: String,
    sqlString: String,
    sqlCtx: SQLContext = null) : DataFrame


Here is an example to find product's brands from sales table.

val url =, stm =FIND Product.brand FROM sales”
val dfFindBrand = BOMaster.sql(sc, url, stm)

How to run?

BO supports MySQL protocol. To run above code, you’ve to download MySQL jdbc driver.

Run your code in spark-shell:

$ bin/spark-shell --jars <mysql jdbc driver>.jar

Submit your code to Spark cluster:

$ bin/spark-submit --<your class> --master spark:// --jars <mysql jdbc driver>.jar <your package>.jar