A Hattrick match viewer based on Lifefox
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Welcome to the HTLiveSight Project. With HTLiveSight, you can view your matches in a new way: you have explanations near the actions, live league table, popups and sound to notify you that something is happening in matches, even if you're doing other things on your PC or Android device!

You can also add friends, so their matches are automatically added when you launch the program!

This application is a browser extension and doesn't need any installation: the only requirement is have Mozilla Firefox for PC or Android, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari installed! So it's compatible with all the operating systems!

Our aim is to use this space for GIT, while the downloads are hosted on Sourceforge.

Looking for our website? Go to this link: http://htlivesight.sourceforge.net/

Looking for downloads? Go to the Sourceforge download zone: http://sourceforge.net/projects/htlivesight/files