Plugin for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable-powered bots to provide links to CPAN modules
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    Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::CPANLinks - provide links to CPAN
    module docs

    A module for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable-powered IRC bots, to automatically
    provide links to documentation when people mention certain CPAN modules
    or keywords. Can be configured to only respond to modules in certain
    namespaces on a per-channel basis.

    If someone's message looks like it contains a CPAN module name (e.g.
    `Foo::Bar'), this plugin will look for the bot setting `filter_$channel'
    where `$channel' is the channel that the user spoke in - so, e.g.
    `filter_#dancer'. If this setting exists, its value should be a regular
    expression; if the module name matches this expression, the plugin will
    look up that module, and, if it exists, provide a link to it (unless it
    has done so more recently than the configurable threshold).

    Similarly, if someone says something like "the session keyword" or
    similar, the plugin will check if `keywords_$channel' exists and is set
    to a package name; if it does, it will make sure that package is loaded,
    check if that package `can($keyword)', and if so, will provide a link to
    the documentation for that keyword.

    So, for example, in the `#dancer' channel, `keywords_#dancer' would be
    set to `Dancer' - so if I say "the session keyword", the plugin will
    check if `Dancer-'can('session')> to check it's a valid keyword, and if
    so, will provide a link to the docs.

    WARNING: this setting causes the named package to be loaded; that means
    that anyone who can configure your bot from IRC can cause a package of
    their choosing to be loaded into your bot. It must be a package which is
    already installed on your system, of course, but it deserves that

    See Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Vars for details on how to set the
    appropriate config options in your bot's store (or do it directly in the
    DB, if you prefer).

    The settings to set up are:

        Set the pattern which module names must match for a given channel.
        If this setting doesn't exist for the channel, nothing will be

        For example, for `#dancer', `filter_#dancer' is set to `^Dancer'.

        Set the package from which keywords are linked for a given channel.
        If this setting doesn't exist for the channel, no keywords will be

        If you want to use this, set this setting to the name of the package
        keywords should be looked for in - for instance, for `#dancer',
        `keywords_#dancer' is set to `Dancer'. So, if I mention e.g. "see
        the session keyword", the bot will check if
        `Dancer-'can('session')>, see that that's a valid keyword, and will
        provide a link to the docs.

        Be aware that using this setting means the named package will be
        loaded; this means anyone who can configure your bot can cause a
        package of their choosing to be loaded. However, it's loaded by
        Module::Load at runtime, so no importing will be done, and it can
        only be a package installed on your system. It's still something to
        be aware of, though, if you think there's a possibility of code in
        your `@INC' that you wouldn't want your bot to load.

        How many seconds between successive mentions of the same module name
        / keyword to wait before providing a link again. Nobody wants the
        bot to respond with a link every time a given module name is
        mentioned. If not set, defaults to a sensible value.

    If you like the idea of this but don't want to go to the effort of
    setting it up, I have a bot on `' already running it, which
    I'd be happy to add to your channel and configure appropriately for you
    - just drop me a mail.

    David Precious (bigpresh) `<>'