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Revision history for Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-GitHub
0.04 2011-10-18
Bugfix: Issue change announcements crashed when a reopened issue was
encountered, causing other announcements to be repeated, as the
last-issues-state.json file wasn't updated.
0.03 2011-10-15
Include ::Announce module in distribution.
0.02 2011-10-07
Check for failure properly before attempting to announce a
commit. (Previously we checked we got something non-false back; if we
asked for a commit that wasn't found, we get a hashref with an error
key, so check for that.)
Auth info should be optional when using !setgithubproject. Public
projects of course do not require auth, but due to a fuckup in the
regex, it would not recognise it otherwise.
0.01 2011-10-05
About time this was released; it's proven itself in #dancer on, and internally at my workplace, and I figured it would be
helpful to package them up and release them to CPAN for anyone else who
would find it useful.
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