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@@ -142,6 +142,19 @@ sub said {
Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::GitHub - GitHub-related modules for IRC bots running Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable
+A set of modules for L<Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable> bots, providing useful
+GitHub-related functionality.
+If your team use GitHub and colloborate on IRC, these may well be of interest to
+you. They're already in use on the L<Dancer> project's IRC channel, and
+internally at my workplace, UK2.
+Most communication with GitHub uses L<Net::GitHub::V2>, and can use
+authentication with an API key for private repositories.
=head1 MODULES
The following modules are included - see the documentation for each for more
@@ -172,14 +185,33 @@ You can also explicitly tell it to look at any other GitHub project:
Monitor pull requests for GitHub projects.
+ <@bigpresh> !pr
+ < sophie> Open pull requests for sukria/Dancer : 8 pull requests open
+ (felixdo:3, perlpilot:1, jamhed:1, dams:1, ambs:1, JTimothyKing:1)
+=item L<Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::GitHub::Announce>
+Announces issues raised/closed for each channel's default project.
+Periodically checks on issues for each project, and reports changes, for
+ < sophie> Issues closed : 667 (YAML::XS for Session::YAML) by jamhed :
=head1 Loading modules
See the L<Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable> documentation for how to load these modules
into your bot.
-Do not load this module directly; load the modules named above individually.
+Do not load this module directly; load the modules named above individually, to
+get just the functionality you require.
This module is intended only to provide a base for the other modules, including
shared functionality and common documentation.
@@ -216,6 +248,14 @@ L<>
David Precious C<<>>
+James Ronan C<<>>
+Contributions are very welcome.

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