Report Nagios issues to IRC via a Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable IRC bot
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    Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Nagios - report Nagios alerts to IRC


    A module for IRC bots powered by Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable to monitor a
    Nagios install and report alerts to IRC.

    Multiple Nagios instances are supported; these could be separate Nagios
    systems, or just the same Nagios install but using different
    credentials. As each configured instance can have specific target
    channels defined, this means you could have the bot check with the
    username "development" and report all visible problems to the
    #development channel, then check again with the "sysad" username and
    report problems visible to that user to the #sysads channel.

    Actual monitoring is done using Nagios::Scrape, which scrapes the
    information from the status.cgi script which powers Nagios' web
    interface. This means that, assuming your Nagios setup is configured to
    be viewable over the web, you need no further setup to allow the bot to
    monitor it.


    Load the module as you would any other Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable module,
    then configure it to watch a Nagios install and report problems to the
    desired channel(s) with the nagios add command.

    In a direct message to the bot:

        <user> nagios add username password #channel
        <bot> OK
        <user> nagios list
        <bot> I'm currently monitoring the following Nagios instances:
              .. 1 : as dave for #chan
        <user> nagios del 1
        <bot> OK, deleted instance 1

    (You can supply a list of channel names separated by commas, if you
    want reports from a given instance to be announced to more than one


    Plenty of improvements are planned, including:

      * Better documentation

      I need to improve the module's documentation. For now, extra
      information is available by saying <help nagios> to the bot on IRC,
      or nagios set with no setting name for a list of valid settings with

      I'd rather work out a good way to auto-generate documentation from
      the settings definitions in the code in order to make sure the docs
      stay in sync.

      * Acknowledging problems

      It should probably be possible to acknowledge a reported problem,
      preventing repeated reports of the same service/host in the same

      * Configurable reporting hours

      It would make sense to be able to configure the bot to only report
      problems during hours in which staff/volunteers are likely to be
      awake and paying attention to the IRC channel.

      * Configurable report templates

      It would be nice to be able to configure the format used for report
      messages - perhaps including colour codes to colourise elements of
      the message, where the channel allows it and users clients support


    David Precious, <davidp at>


    This module is developed on GitHub:

    Pull requests / suggestions / bug reports are welcomed.

    If you feel like it, even a "I'm using this and find it useful" mail to would be appreciated - it's nice to know when
    people find your work useful.

    (Reviews on cpanratings and/or ++'s on MetaCPAN are also very welcome.)


    You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

        perldoc Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Nagios

    You can report bugs or make feature requests using GitHub Issues:



    Copyright 2011-2018 David Precious.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published
    by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

    See for more information.