Automatic language translation for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable IRC bots, using Google Translate
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    Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::TranslateBot - automatic translations
    on IRC using Google Translate

    A module for Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable-powered IRC bots to provide
    automated translations on IRC.

    Allows one-off translations of text, and, usefully, can also be told to
    automatically translate everything a user says into a specified language
    until told otherwise, making it easier to have a conversation with
    another user when there's no common language (subject, of course, to the
    vaguaries of Google Translate's automatic translations; it will work
    best if you use more formal language and avoid colloquialisms).

    Load the module as you would any other Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable module,
    then, on IRC, use the following commands:

  Quick one-off translations
    You can translate directly with:

        translate <phrase> from <lang> to <lang>

    For example:

        < bigpresh> translate This is a test of the bot from en to es
        < translatebot> Esta es una prueba de que el robot

    You can also instruct the bot to automatically translate everything a
    given user says until you tell it to stop - to start automatic
    translations, say:

        start translating for <nick> from <lang> to <lang>

    (`nick' can be your nick or the nick of another user in the channel, or
    `me' to mean your own nick)

    For example:

        < bigpresh> start translating for me from en to es
        < translatebot> +OK, I'll translate everything bigpresh says 
            until you say 'stop translating for me'
        < bigpresh> This is another test.
        < translatebot> bigpresh said: 'Esta es otra prueba.'

    To stop automatic translations for yourself or another user:

        stop translating for <nick>

    To stop all automatic translations:

        stop translating

    In the examples above, `<lang'> can be any one of the language codes
    supported by Google Translate; the bot will determine this at runtime
    (via Lingua::Translate::Google). The list will be included in the help
    message presented by the bot (`/msg' the bot with `help translatebot').

    David Precious `<'>