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Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-Database
0.08 2010-09-14
- Bugfix - make SQLite DWIMmery from previous version actually work.
0.07 2010-09-06
- Extra params in DSN (database, host, port) should be separated with
semi-colons, not colons. Thanks to Steve Atkins for reporting this.
- Documentation update to reflect use of $dbh->ping
- If connecting to SQLite, which requires 'dbname' rather than
'database', provide 'dbname' instead, so it will Just Work
0.06 2010-06-15
- Stupid typo fix in documentation for features added in 0.05. I wish
I'd spotted this mistake before releasing 0.05, rather than just
0.05 2010-06-15
- Allow parameters to be passed to DBI->connect call (e.g. RaiseError),
and support providing a set of statements to execute upon connection.
Thanks to Igor Bujna for providing this feature!
0.04 2010-05-20
- If DBD driver does not implement ping(), perform our own connection
check by performing a simple query. This will check that the DB
connection is still alive, and avoid needless re-connects, which are
expensive. Also seems to fix a problem Tadzik saw with a warning from
DBD::SQLite when the old handle was thrown away.
0.03 2010-05-17
- Fix warning where $last_connection_check was initially undefined but
used in numeric comparison. Thanks to Tadzik for reporting.
0.02 2010-04-18
Documentation fixes, thanks to "mrpants" on Github:
- Plugin names in config.yml are case-sensitive for current CPAN
releases of Dancer; my commit fdc3f3 makes it case-insenitive, but
that hasn't hit CPAN yet, so people using CPAN releases could be
- stray trailing single-quote in example config
0.01 2010-04-14
Initial version developed.
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