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limit not fully supported #31

nicolasfranck opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hi there,

I tried the limit support in the function quick_select, but it only seems to support
the number of results to return, and not the offset.

select * from foo limit 20,20;

but your code does not allow this (Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle):

if ($opts->{limit} =~ /^\d+$/) {
# Checked for sanity above so safe to interpolate
$sql .= " LIMIT $opts->{limit}";
} else {
die "Invalid LIMIT param $opts->{limit} !";

thanks in advance


Er - my apologies that I somehow let this issue sit for so long without attention.

That's not good. I really need to write up a GitHub nagger script which emails me periodically if there are outstanding issues on GH awaiting my attention.

Fixing this one now.

@bigpresh bigpresh referenced this issue from a commit
@bigpresh Accept limit offset,count syntax too.
Fixes Issue #31

Thanks to nicolasfranck for reporting this problem on GitHub, and sorry it took
so long to get it sorted.

This is fixed in 1075ba3; a new version will be released containing this fix as soon as possible (I'm going to push out a dev release for tester feedback first, then the next stable release will be 2.0 (version bump to reflect Dancer2 compatibility work)


Hmm. GitHub shows this issue as open still - it doesn't want to allow me to close it?

@bigpresh bigpresh closed this

... now it did.

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