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Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-NYTProf
0.40 2014-10-28
* New enabled option (thanks to garu)
* Clarified usage, doc tweaks (thanks to garu)
* Added GitHub repo/bugtracker info (thanks to garu)
* Option to disable showing execution times of profiles
* Avoid output from Devel::NYTProf::Data sometimes being sent
to the browser sometimes (Issue #14)
* Catch errors using Devel::NYTProf::Data (e.g. if a profiling
session was incomplete or corrupt and handle them rather than
crashing when generating the list
0.31 2013-03-06
* Use uri_for() when assembling links so it works if the app isn't at
the root (e.g. proxied / mounted) - (thanks to mopi)
0.30 2013-02-21
* Show request execution time for each profiled request in list.
(May need to make this configurable; could be too slow if there are a
lot of profiled requests to list.)
0.23 2012-09-24
* Sort profile runs by most recent first (thanks to leejo)
0.22 2012-09-22
* Handle nytprofhtml_path option correctly. (Giving a full file path to
File::Which::which() doesn't work; it's a pointless thing to do
anyway. Should fix GH #8, thanks to jbobbylopez for a helpful and
detailed bug report!
0.21 2012-02-02
* Fix comedy bug where we'd crash regardless of the return value of
`nytprofhtml` when first trying to generate HTML output. That was
pretty muppetactular.
0.20 2012-01-31
* Load Devel::NYTProf at runtime, after setting the env vars to stop it
beginning profiling immediately and giving it a temporary filename (as
it insists on opening a file to write to /anyway/).
This should solve problems where the plugin was unusable because
Devel::NYTProf wanted to write a file to the appdir, even when the
profdir setting was used. Thanks to angel on IRC (#dancer) for
reporting this problem.
0.10 2011-11-26
* Check for presence of nytprofhtml, and check for errors executing it
and produce helpful error messages
(PR-4 from Neil Hooey (nhooey) - thanks!)
* Allow path to nytprofhtml to be configurable, default to finding it
within the $PATH using File::Which
* Don't crash if first request after starting app is to /nytprof and no
profdir is set in config.
* Sanitise filenames from user properly. Previously, it would have been
possible to cause the module to send files outside the profdir with
cleverly-crafted requests (hence the warnings in the documentation).
Be careful that the filename received doesn't contain anything
0.04 2011-11-13
Remove taint from test to avoid insecure dependency failures further
down the line.
0.03 2011-11-03
Use hook instead of before/after, which cause deprecation warnings now.
(Stefan Hornburg (racke))
0.02 2011-07-25
Require Dancer >= 1.3060.
(param() wasn't available before then, thanks to sukria for pointing
this out)
0.01 2011-07-23
Initial version. Working, but plenty of room for improvement.