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Creating a PR for discussion of the changes etc; not yet ready or tested.

See Issue 23.

added some commits Jan 5, 2013
@bigpresh First steps towards using DPAE for auth.
Adding options to use Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible to provide authentication
& access control.  See Issue 23.
@bigpresh Using auth stuff in example app 55fef69
@bigpresh Use _ensure_auth for record list. 268bf0e
@bigpresh Pass the handler coderef when using require_role etc fbf8b03
@bigpresh D::P::SimpleCRUD loads DPAE if needed.
We don't need to load DPAE ourselves here; D::P::SimpleCRUD will load it if
we've specified auth settings.
@bigpresh Update example to demonstrate roles too 6dc4679
@bigpresh Fully-qualified uri_for() call 8b5e247
@bigpresh Document new auth option 44487de
@bigpresh Can't use uri_for() outside of a request.
We can't use Dancer::uri_for() outside of a request being handled, so it's no
good here.

Just returning what we worked out as an URL seems to work, but needs more
@bigpresh Don't append a slash to our prefix for the list. 132a4d1
@bigpresh Add a logout link.
Just for easier testing.
@bigpresh bigpresh merged commit 731ebd9 into master Mar 15, 2013
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