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Revision history for Dancer-Template-HtmlTemplate
0.07 2012-11-23 (LPW2012-eve)
Better documentation, and warn if die_on_bad_params is supplied.
Thanks to gjskha for spurring this on.
0.06 2010-10-05
Add extra tests; forgot to update MANIFEST with these before building
the last release, so they weren't included. D'oh!
0.05 2010-10-05
Flatten nested hashrefs, as HTML::Template doesn't support them.
Given params like { foo => { bar => 'Foo' } }, you can access the value
Foo with e.g. <tmpl var name="">
Thanks to Damien Krotkine (dams) for reporting and providing patches via
0.04 2010-05-14
Added tests, thanks to Franck Cuny
0.03 2010-04-24
Remove debug code which required Data::Dump - silly.
0.02 2010-04-22
Declaring Dancer & HTML::Template as deps would help. Idiot.
0.01 2010-04-19
First version.