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Dancer 1.130
* Fix a memory leak that could occur between two
requests under mod_perl (Thanks to Nicolas Rennert for
the report and diagnosis).
* remove all optional modules from the core, they are now
shipped as separate CPAN distributions:
- Dancer::Template::MicroTemplate
- Dancer::Session::Cookie
- Dancer::Session::Memcached
- Dancer::Logger::LogHandler
- Dancer::Logger::Syslog
* support for the `header' keyword in Dancer's syntax.
The user is now able to alter response-headers in route
* support for `prefix' keyword in Dancer's syntax.
A prefix can be set by the user before defining routes handlers.
All route defined then will be automatically prefixed accordingly.
Dancer 1.122
* Fix the test suite under Perl 5.8.x
* Security Fix: protection from CRLF injection in
response headers (thanks to Mark Stosberg for the report).
* Support for multi-valued params in GET/POST data (thanks to
Mark Stosberg for the report).
* Backward compatibility with old app.psgi files, don't die
when a request is initialized with a CGI::PSGI object.
Dancer 1.121
* Fix for POST data parsing (was broken in 1.120)
now Dancer depends on HTTP::Body for that.
Dancer 1.120
* ROADMAP updated
* Dancer is now compliant with Plack::Server::Apache2
* Remove the CGI.pm dependency, huge refactoring
* POD typo fixes (Naveed)
* Support for syntax-only importation (Sawyer X)
* Remove the example/ directory, useless and deprecated
* New logger engine: Log::Handler (franck cuny)
* New template engine Text::Microtemplate (franck cuny)
* Remove compilation-time warnings catching (issue #14)
Dancer 1.110
* Fix test script `t/11_logger/04_syslog.t'
* Fix test script `t/10_template/05_template_toolkit.t'
Dancer 1.100
* Support for multiple method routes at once with 'any'
* Templates engines
+ Bug fixes in Dancer::Template::Simple (Jury Gorky)
+ Refactoring of the factory
+ option for disabling the layout in the template helper.
* New session engine based on encrypted cookies (Alex Kapranof)
* More HTTP codes supported for a better REST compat (Nate Jones)
* Documentation updates
* script/dancer now requires an appname
* New Makefile.PL with better metadata (CPAN Service)
Dancer 1.000
* Support for Syslog logger (Dancer::Logger::Syslog)
* Basic template engine so Template is no more a hard deps.
* Memcache Session support (Dancer::Session::Memcache)
* YAML file-based session support (Dancer::Session::YAML)
* Lots of tests (more than 80% of the code is covered)
Dancer 0.9906
* move from File::MimeInfo to File::MimeInfo::Simple for
smooth run on Mac OSX and Win32 systems.
Dancer 0.9005
* Source code extract on error catching
* Support for configurable error handling
* New design for the starting app built with script/dancer
Dancer 0.9004
* Support for PSGI/Plack environment
* script/dancer helper script for bootstraping a new app
Dancer 0.9003
* Detect differently compilation-time warnings and runtime warnings
closes bug #48440 (Thanks to Enric Joffrion for the report, and to
Vincent Pit for the diagnosis)