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Revision history for Pod-Readme
v1.1.2 2014-12-09 18:55 GMT
[Bug Fixes]
- Regex in changes plugin fixed to work with Perl 5.21 deprecated
syntax [khwilliamson].
v1.1.1 2014-12-04 13:11 GMT
[Bug Fixes]
- The changes plugin will work with Dist::Zilla {{$NEXT}} tokens.
v1.1.0 2014-12-03 19:08 GMT
- Fixed typos in POD for requires plugin.
- Pod::Readme::Filter has a zilla attribute for Dist::Zilla objects.
- The requires plugin will use metadata from the Dist::Zilla object
if it is set, rather than looking for a META.yml file (which will
not exist, if this is used in a Dist::Zilla plugin).
v1.0.3 2014-11-07 18:58 GMT
- Fixed bug with minimum version of Class::Method::Modifiers.
v1.0.2 2014-10-13 22:18 BST
- No changes since v1.0.1_08, just a version bump for a release.
- See the full list of changes since v1.0.0 for more details.
- This is a complete rewrite, using modern Perl with Moo.
- Added support for plugins, along with plugins to insert the module
version, prerequisites and the latest changes.
- Added the ability to generate a README in a variety of formats,
such as POD, Markdown, HTML, RTF, etc.
- Added command-line options to the pod2readme script, including the
ability to specify the output format.
- Switched to semantic versioning.
- The documentation has been updated accordingly.
- Perl v5.10.1 is required.
- This is no longer a subclass of a POD parser, although it has some
wrapper methods for compatability with software known to use it.
v1.0.1_08 2014-10-13
- More documentation tweaks.
v1.0.1_07 2014-10-10 16:47 BST
- More documentation tweaks.
- Added a depends_on method that returns a list of files that the
README depends on.
- Added dependencies_updated method to check if dependencies have
been updated.
- The README is only updated if dependencies have been updated.
- Added a --force option to pod2readme to force updates.
[Other Changes]
- Moved pod2readme tests to xt directory for author tests, due to
inconsistent behaviour on different platforms.
v1.0.1_06 2014-10-10
- More documentation tweaks.
- Changed pod2readme usage text to match abstract.
[Bug Fixes]
- Added minimum Perl version to Makefile.PL.
- Removed use of Path::Class in pod2readme utility.
[Other Changes]
- Added rudimentary tests for pod2readme script.
- The requires plugin uses minimum module versions to check if a
module is in the core-list.
v1.0.1_05 2014-10-09 19:36 BST
- Corrected typos in POD.
[Bug Fixes]
- Disabled use of Test::Kit, since it seems to have problems with
Test::Builder 1.301001_056.
v1.0.1_04 2014-10-08 23:27 BST
- Changed abstract to make the module's purpose more obvious.
[Bug Fixes]
- Added missing IO::String prereq to tests.
v1.0.1_03 2014-10-08 22:42 BST
- Added Acknowledgements section to POD.
[Bug Fixes]
- Added minimum version prereq of Moo to fix issue with undef
- Changed to use Path::Tiny instead of Path::Class.
- Reverted back to using Exporter, since most core modules already
use it.
v1.0.1_02 2014-10-08 00:49 BST
- Added missing timestamp to Changes.
- Updated README.pod.
[Other Changes]
- Changed how versions are defined in modules, to handle quirks of
- Changed to use Exporter::Lite.
v1.0.1_01 2014-10-08 00:26 BST
[Bug Fixes]
- Fixed argument name for include command.
- Changed tests to compare files so they handle different Windows
line endings.
- Fixed POD errors and typos.
- Switched to use Type::Tiny-based types, with stricter constraints.
- Switched to use Moo instead of Moose.
[Other Changes]
- Minor internal code tweaks.
v1.0.0_03 2014-09-24 21:14 BST
[Bug Fixes]
- The tests for the requires plugin handle non-author builds.
- Fix for tests on some systems.
- Show path of missing META.yml file in requires plugin.
- Consistent names in POD.
- Fixed typos in Changes file.
[Other Changes]
- Added hooks for author tests in Makefile.PL.
- Fixed license metadata error to make CPANTS happy, and to be
consistent with license in the POD.
- Tests use Exporter instead of Exporter::Lite.
- Tests use Test::Kit rather than Test::Most, and explicitly import
the tests modules that they use.
- Removed redundant prereqs from Makefile.PL.
v1.0.0_02 2014-09-24 14:14 BST
[Bug Fixes]
- Fixed minimum version of some prerequisites for tests.
- Added parse_from_file and parse_from_filehandle methods for
backwards compatability.
[Other Changes]
- Added more tests.
- The bugtracker URL now refers to the GitHub issues list at
instead of RT.
- Added a version to all modules in the distribution, and a version
QA test to the repo.
- Added missing date to Changes.
- Fixed typos in POD and README.
- Added stub POD to Pod::Readme::Filter.
- Fixed a daft typo in the Changes file.
- Documented known issue in the requires plugin.
- The README is now a POD document.
v1.0.0_01 2014-09-23 13:58 BST
- Major rewrite, using modern Perl v5.10.1.
- This module is no longer a subclass of a POD parsing
module. Instead, it is a simple POD filter.
[New Features]
- Added support for plugins.
- Added a "changes" plugin for parsing Changes files.
- Added a "version" plugin for including the current version.
- Added a "requires" plugin for listing module requirements.
- The pod2readme script has been rewritten to take a variety of
options, and can generate various formats, such as HTML, Markdown,
- Changes rewritten to conform to CPAN::Changes::Spec.
- README is now in Markdown format.
[Other Changes]
- Switched to semantic versioning.
- Added MANIFEST.SKIP to distribution.
- QA tests are no longer part of the distribution.
- Makefile.PL uses Module::Install.
0.11 2010-12-09
- Recognise the =encoding directive, rather than dying when it's
TODO: actually take heed of it.
Thanks to Ivan Bessarabov for bringing this to my attention!
0.10 2010-05-19
- David Precious <> taking over maintainership
- Apply POD fix patch from RT #38328, thanks to David A. Desrosiers
0.09 2006-11-25
- uses Regexp::Common for URI parsing for L<> tag
- added separate check for https, ftps, and svn URIs (
bugs 23585 and 23613)
0.081 2006-05-07
- released package without signature, due to Module::Signature
0.08 2006-05-01
- head3/4 headings not recognized
- went back to using Pod::PlainText
0.07 2006-02-11
- added min version to use Pod::Text statement in source
- removed multiple plans from the podcover test
0.06 2006-02-09
- eliminated a warning about uninitialized values
- recognizes =head3 and =head4 headings (from Pod::Text)
- uses Pod::Text instead of Pod::PlainText
- added internal documentation
- added various QA tests
- added "test" and "tests" as a rejected format
0.05 2005-06-07
- pod2readme will backup an existing README file
- minor updates to the documentation
0.04 2005-05-18
- known other formats such as "html" are rejected
- added missing prereq IO::File in Build.PL
- added debug option
- typos and tweaks for documentation
0.03 2005-05-08
- added documentation to pod2readme script
- include file start/stop marks are now Regexps
- added more tests
- multiple readme types can be specified in a command
0.02 2005-05-06
- added tests (much needed!)
- fixed issue with links being changed to refer to manpages
0.01 2005-04-20
- original version