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27 lib/Pod/
@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ use vars qw( @ISA $VERSION );
@ISA = qw( Pod::PlainText );
-$VERSION = '0.09';
+$VERSION = '0.10';
=begin internal
@@ -486,32 +486,23 @@ Warnings will be issued for any ignored formatting commands.
For an example, see the F<> file in this distribution.
-=for readme continue
-=begin readme
-Changes since the last release:
+=head1 SEE ALSO
-=for readme include file="Changes" start="^0.09" stop="^0.081" type="text"
+See L<perlpod>, L<perlpodspec> and L<podlators>.
-A detailed history is available in the F<Changes> file.
+=head1 AUTHOR
-=end readme
+Originally by Robert Rothenberg <rrwo at>
-=head1 SEE ALSO
+Now maintained by David Precious <>
-See L<perlpod>, L<perlpodspec> and L<podlators>.
-=head1 AUTHOR
+=head2 Suggestions, Bug Reporting and Contributing
-Robert Rothenberg <rrwo at>
+This module is developed on GitHub at:
-=head2 Suggestions and Bug Reporting
-Feedback is always welcome. Please use the CPAN Request Tracker at
-L<> to submit bug reports.
=head1 LICENSE

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