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@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ Text::Bowdlerise - Bowdlerise text. Simples.
Bowdlerises a (or a list of) text string(s). Primarily replaces common
-profanity with socially acceptable alternative. This can of course be extended
+profanity with socially acceptable alternatives. This can of course be extended
or even overriden by way of configuration.
-In it's simplest form, a straight forward use to replace the built in common
+In its simplest form, a straightforward use to replace the built in common
elements, looks like this:
use Text::Bowdlerise;
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ my $default_list = {
fucktard => 'a complete Dave',
defuck => 'make better',
fuck => 'ruin',
- piss => 'unrine',
+ piss => 'urine',
shit => 'faeces',
tit => 'breast',
twat => 'ladypart',
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ my $default_list = {
-Constructs a new Text::Bowdler object which can be configured how you see fit.
+Constructs a new Text::Bowdlerise object which can be configured how you see fit.
=head2 DWIMery
@@ -69,29 +69,29 @@ a hashref of configuration parameters (one or many of):
-=item ignore_default_list
+=item C<ignore_default_list>
Tells the Bowdler not to use its built in list. If this is specified,
alternate rules should be given.
-=item allow_part_replacement
+=item C<allow_part_replacement>
Tells the Bowdler whether to replace matches that are part of other words.
-Defaults to 1 (allow). Setting a value of 0 will disable this behaviour,
+Defaults to C<1> (allow). Setting a value of C<0> will disable this behaviour,
-=item user_rule_list
+=item <user_rule_list>
Used to specify a specific set of replacements. Supplied as a hashref
-of 'thing to match' => 'replacement text'.
+of C<'thing to match' => 'replacement text'>.
Note that this does not override the default list; This appends to it. To
-remove the built in ruleset specify ignore_default_list => 1
+remove the built in ruleset specify C<ignore_default_list => 1>
-=item user_rule_file
+=item C<user_rule_file>
Use to tell the module to read a rule list file. Supplied as a string file
name; The file must contain a perl hashref in the same format as
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ sub bowdlerise {
# Do the replacement first with whole words,
$chunk =~ s{\b\Q$search\E\b}{$replacement}gi;
- # Then with part-word is that is permissable.
+ # Then with part-word if that is permissable.
$chunk =~ s{\Q$search\E}{$replacement}gi
if $self->{_prefs}{allow_part_replacement};

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