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# $Id: 837 2010-02-24 11:58:23Z davidp $
use common::sense;
use DateTime;
use File::Copy;
use WWW::Contact;
use WWW::Mechanize;
use YAML;
# Sure, Google "do no evil", but I don't trust them to hold my data without me
# having a backup.
my $account = YAML::LoadFile($ENV{HOME} . "/.google_login")
or die "Failed to read $ENV{HOME}/.google_login - $!";
my $backup_dir = '/mnt/backup/google';
# First, log in:
my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new;
$mech->form_with_fields(qw(Email Passwd))
or die "Failed to locate login form";
Email => $account->{username}, Passwd => $account->{password}
$mech->submit or die "Failed to submit login form";
# Now, fetch the ical export ZIP file:
my $dt = DateTime->now;
my $ymd = $dt->ymd;
':content_file' => "$backup_dir/calendar_$"
) or warn "Failed to fetch ical export ZIP file";
# For contacts, we used to be able to get Google's CSV format and standard vCard
# format, but they changed how their export system works. Now, we need to use
# WWW::Contact to get contact data. It might not be in a format we can
# immediately import with other stuff, but at least we have the data.
my @contacts = WWW::Contact->new->get_contacts(
$account->{username}, $account->{password}
) or die "Failed to fetch contacts!";
YAML::DumpFile("$backup_dir/contacts_$ymd.yml", \@contacts);;
# Finally, Google Reader subscriptions:
':content_file' => "$backup_dir/reader_subscriptions_$ymd.xml"
) or warn "Failed to fetch Reader subscriptions";
# Finally, copy the contacts to /shared/backups so my laptop can access them: