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Revision history for Net-GitHub
0.30 2011.08.27
- Default to GET method if we've no data to POST (Lubomir Rintel)
- repository update (Lubomir Rintel)
- Slow down with requests if we're approaching the rate limit (Lubomir Rintel)
- Make it possible to turn API errors into exceptions (Lubomir Rintel)
0.29 2011.05.07
always_Authorization for private respo
0.28 2011.03.06
use official GitHub API request instead of screen-scraping for 'comments' issues by spang (Christine Spang)
0.27 2011.02.17
requires HTTP::Request::Common; (RT 65787 by JQUELIN)
0.26 2011.01.20
fix Makefile.PL
0.25 2011.01.19
partial implementation of Pull Request API (doy)
0.24 2011.01.01
Organizations API (fayland)
update Auth to 'Basic Auth' (fayland)
0.23 2010.11.04
Moose has deprected 'excludes', '-excludes' is preferred (datamuc)
0.22 2010.05.26
token and login are really optional (franck cuny)
0.21 2010.05.18
try to load user and token from .gitconfig if not specified in
new (franck cuny)
0.20 2010.01.27
add languages support to repositories api (franck cuny)
0.19 2009.09.05
Bugfix: Send delete token to GitHub, not obj hash (spang)
0.18 2009.06.14
Switch to Any::Moose from Moose (Jesse Vincent)
Issue comments (sunnavy)
0.17 2009.05.19
use 'https' for user->update, issue->comment etc.
0.16 2009.05.19
fix the role (Chris Nehren)
0.15 2009.05.16
Refactored role support. (Chris Nehren)
Copy $repo->list to $user->list where it makes more sense (and doesn't
require a repo object). (Chris Nehren)
0.14 2009.05.15
Users pod fix
0.13 2009.05.15
Refactor the role system to be finer-grained based upon whether a class
needs repo access or not. (Chris Nehren)
0.12 2009.05.01 sub file default branch as 'master'
Strip the leading '/' from paths provided to get_json_to_obj* methods (bingos)
make_immutable inline_constructor => 0
0.11 2009.4.21
deal with 404
0.10 2009.4.21
owner/repo/login/token are 'ro' to avoid bug
fix user->update
0.09 2009.4.21
issues pod tweak by c9s
search issues and comment issues (new API)
0.08 2009.4.19
bug fix
0.07 2009.4.19
make 'owner' and 'repo' is => 'rw' for App::GitHub
0.06 2009.4.18 (API are changed)
0.05 2009.3.11
pod fix
0.04 2009.3.10
use WWW::Mechanize::GZip
add N::G::Project::Wiki and Downloads
Wiki new_page/edit_page/edit_or_new
Downloads downloads
0.03 2009.3.9
add login in Net::GitHub::Role
pod updates, bug fixes and API enhancement
0.01 2009.3.8
First version, released on an unsuspecting world.
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