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Releases: bigprof-software/online-invoicing-system

OIS 5.3

03 Mar 15:49
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OIS 5.1

03 Jul 17:35
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Various xss valunerabilities fixed.

OIS 5.0

30 Jun 18:49
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Fix low severity stored XSS vulnerability in admin area reported on (low severity because it needs to be combined with an CSRF attack in order to be effective -- otherwise, an admin has no motive to XSS himself!)

OIS 4.9

28 Jun 11:57
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  • Add page for viewing slow/error queries to admin area.
  • Fix CSRF vulnerability in admin/pageDeleteGroup.php, admin/pageDeleteMember.php and admin/pageDeleteRecord.php

OIS 4.8

14 Jun 15:06
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  • Fix SameSite value of remember_me cookie for future compatibility with browsers.
  • Re-order admin utilities menu for better organization.
  • Add pageQueryLogs.php to view log of slow and error queries for debugging (Admin area > Utilties menu > Query logs)
  • Add 'nothing' table icon (useful when you want no icons for a table)
  • Refactor tablename_view to delegate code for applying membership permissions to DataList.
  • Add DataList::applyPermissionsToQuery() and DataList::fieldIsDateTime().
  • Refactor various parts of DataList.
  • Fix filtering query error for non-admin users that don't have full view permissions.
  • Add logSlowQuery() and logErrorQuery() functions to help diagnose problematic queries executed by sql().
  • Refactor sql() function by separating dieErrorPage() and openDBConnection().
  • Add new options to the $o array passed to sql() to suppress logging if set to true: 'noSlowQueryLog' and 'noErrorQueryLog'.
  • Add CSS classes .signed-in-as and .username to the 'Signed in as ..' text and the username link in the navigation bar for easier scripting.
  • Fix issue where TVDV page with 0 records in TV has missing date pickup components.
  • Render read-only checkboxes in DVP in all cases.
  • makeSafe(): return an empty string for 0-length inputs without further checks.
  • UX fix: don't automatically sign out a user when they access a table they have no access to.
  • Show 'table access denied' error if user is accessing a DV record they don't have access to, rather than a blank page.
  • Fix issue with empty lookup values for lookup fields of short char/varchar datatype.
  • CSS rule to hide empty email links.
  • Show "Don't rename uploaded files" and "Delete files from server when removed from record" options in image options window.
  • checkMemberID.php: change the way availability is reported to prevent minifying services that strip comments from ruining the result.
  • Render read-only (rather than editable) check-boxes in DVP.
  • Enable auto-increasing rich editor height for long content.
  • Add more randomness to generated file names by randomly seeding microtime() to hinder brute force filename guesses.
  • Sanitize filterer_* against reflected XSS in 'Add new' form.
  • Misc syntax fixes.

OIS 4.7

10 Jun 18:20
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  • Fix issue with displaying printable invoice items.

OIS 4.6

01 May 11:06
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Sanitize date parameters against reflected XSS.

OIS 4.5

28 Mar 16:46
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  • Add .sum CSS class to sum row and each sum cell in TV.
  • Fix tooltip appearance in admin/pageRebuildFields
  • Fix PHP8 error on filtering lookup fields.
  • Fix sorting bug in admin/pageViewRecords.php
  • Filter data when exporting to CSV to prevent CSV injection in Excel.
  • Sanitize group description in groups list page
  • Fix localStorage clearing issue that leads to disabling enabled shortcut keys

OIS 4.4

27 Feb 10:23
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  • Fix nicedit height issue
  • Fix bug where keyboard shortcuts become disabled after closing a modal window.
  • Fix potential CSV injection issue when exporting CSV file and opening in Excel, CVE-2021-27839 (Thanks for Jinson Varghese Behanan from Astra Security who found this vulnerability :)
  • Fix low impact potential XSS issue in admin/pageViewGroups.php

OIS 4.3

21 Jan 10:43
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Fix 'no direct access allowed' in CSV import page.