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the underscore is silent


_hyperscript is a small, open scripting language inspired by hypertalk

it is a companion project of


<script src=""></script>

<button _="on click toggle .clicked">
  Toggle the "clicked" class on me

<div hs="on mouseOver toggle mouse-over on #foo">

<div data-hs="on click call aJavascriptFunction() then
              wait 10s then
              call anotherJavascriptFunction()">
           Do some stuff

website & docs


  • please include test cases in /test and docs in /www
    • you can run the test suite by viewing test/index.html in a browser.
  • development pull requests should be against the dev branch, docs fixes can be made directly against master
  • you can build _hyperscript as shown: npm run dist. building is not necessary during development to run tests.