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Scala Example Application for copying Amazon Kinesis data to S3.
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Application for copying Amazon Kinesis data to S3.


  1. git clone
  2. Configure your application (start with the template
  3. Configure AWS access credentials:
    1. Locally, set either
      1. the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx and AWS_SECRET_KEY=yyy
      2. or the JVM options -Daws.accessKeyId=xxx and -D=aws.secretKey=yyy
    2. On Amazon EC2
      1. No configuration needed if you start the server instance with a proper IAM role (highly recommended!)
  4. Run the app: sbt run


Checkout the source using amazon-kinesis-connectors module provided by awslabs


sbt package


Licensed under the MIT license.

Uses the Amazon Kinesis Client Library, the Amazon Kinesis Connector Library and the AWS SDK for Java. These are also embedded in the runnable jar. See the AWS licensing terms.


The Kinesis Connector sample code contains code for copying Kinesis data to S3, but is not easily reusable. This application contains the minimal code for the copying process and nothing else.

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